October 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home for a break! I can't imagine not being able to take a break from school. Even though this new house isn't the same as the one I grew up in, the walls are different, the floor is different, the fact that my voice echos is a contrast to the voice range from my old house; I still feel that I'm home. I've realized even more than when I moved that as tacky as it may sound, "Home is where the heart is." I feel like I"m home because I can take my shoes off, put my feet up, and just be with my family. The abode still feels somewhat like a hotel, but that could just be because I'm a visitor only 2 times a semester. How strange of a place will it be to me when I'm married and living in my own home? All I know is that I"m comfortable right now to sit at this computer typing, in our house. I love that I can hear my Dad's voice down the hall and see hand-written notes that Rosie left me, sitting beside the computer, and of course watching Cobi lying lazily at my feet. Someday soon this may not be the house I live in, but wherever my parents are, wherever I can put my feet up and walk up the stairs to see my Dad watching tv, will feel like home.


sharonie said...

i still make myself at "home"when I go to mom and dad's. I love it...there is no other place besides my own home where I feel at home!

Happyness said...

I agree with Sharon! Jim and I have been married for three years and I still refer to my parents' house as my home. He sometimes gets upset, but realizes how connected I am with them! You'll probably always feel that way!