October 4, 2007

Teach Me a Lesson

I'm truly enjoying what God is teaching me this year. Ironically, much of what he has taught me has been through confrontations, mistakes, and having to come face to face with uncomfortable situations. I'm learning, however, I am a confident and completely able person. I am more than able to do my job as an RA. I am able to handle sticky and unruly situations where I am the victim.. I am able to speak my mind with patience and tact. I am able to look into the mirror or the face of an adversary and know that I am mature and capable to deal with what comes my way. My experiences as an RA, my growth in the classroom, and my run-ins with life and relationships have created a confidence and a strength in relying on Christ and my ability to stand up for myself and on my own two feet. No longer will people be able to say that I allow anyone to walk all over me. I know that i"m not perfect and that I won't always have eloquence and poise in every situation, however I am equipped to deal with what life throws my way because Christ has equipped me.

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