December 12, 2007

Almost Done

I can't believe my semester is almost over. I officially am finished with actual classes. It's so wierd that after going to school for the majority of my life, I will never have to sit in a classroom desk again (unless I go for my masters). And in a week I will be finished with finals...never having to take another school test again!!!! YAY! However, bitter-sweet is the idea that I'll be graduating this spring. I"ll miss my Amber Delaine and some of our good friends here, and am scared to consider the fact that I"ll be on my own! Although I've been at school for 4 years, I'll really and truly be on my own when I graduate. HOW SCARRY! I know it's a normal emotion for an grad but it's still so eery...the unknown. The next week is gonna be crazy. Tonight we have our hall Christmas party at the roller skating rink. Should be interesting since I can't skate. I can't even balance myself on my own two feet. We all have to wear a costume so Amber and I are gonna be mistletoe...with kisses all over our faces, but the problem is we hafta figure out how to get the lip marks on our own faces. HAHA! Tomorrow afternoon is our floor Christmas Party. We are decorating cookies and playing games in our PJs. I'm gonna miss this girl time when I graduate. There's no time in your life when you can step outside your door to be surrounded by 40 other girls. If I ever want a girls' night out, i can knock on any door. Tomorrow evening we have our white elephant with our friends. That should be intersting. I bought an Enema kit and a "What's a Wookie" star wars book. I know, I'm good. Then finals start for me on Saturday. I can't wait to get home for CHRISTMAS!

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sharonie said...

YOu are prob sick of me saying this....but remember don't wish it goes by way too fast!