December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! The last few days have been filled with festivities! We had our annual Mangialardi Christmas on Saturday. My brother-in-law, Erik, put it best: it was filled with laughter, food, loud conversations, and food. Trying to organize something as simple as a gift exchange became a battle between who's voice carried the most, and who had the loudest conversation. While trying to rally the troops, Auntie Angela wandered around the room seeming to look for a distraction while actually causing one, Parker and Bella became bossom buddies, Grandma Bea was busy gettin' her groove on, and the women in the kitchen were on edge and snap when interrupted. Somehow though, we gathered around the tree and in a condition of chaos, exchanged our thoughtful boxes and gifts wrapped in tight ribbon. I always wonder why we bother to wrap so nicely when the minute the hands reach the paper it is torn off in a way that makes any man look greedy. Who made up that tradition? Apparently, gifts have been wrapped since the invention of paper in 105 AD. During the Victorian Period, when the tradition of giving presents became a highlight, only the wealthy wrapped presents, with the most beautiful of gift wrap. Today, it seems we only wrap to disguise or when the gift is needed to impress. My family has resorted to tissue paper, bags, or in some cases as Rosie says, "The box was pretty enough." The gift is more important than it's appearance on the outside. That seems symbolic...
Last night was time with my sisters and nephews. I get joy out of watching them open presents. Parker opened gift after gift with such excitement while Kent used the boxes as building blocks.
Richie and I, this being my last Christmas at home, are trying our best to keep the traditions alive. We slept by the Christmas tree on the 23rd, although I woke up alone at 3 am. We also slept together in my room, a tradition that started with 4 and is now down to two. We also read the Christmas story before opening presents this morning after watching some of the movie the "Christmas Story," on tv. It was very different to be in a new house with a small tree and with only 4 of us, but being with my parents is soemthing so special, that will never lose it's feeling of tradition. I was Santa for my last year at home. I'll miss every tradition but it will always live on....i just feel bad for Rich, he has to do it alone next year! :)


Bethany Patrice said...

maybe richie will get 4x the presents because he's the only one there.

Bethany Patrice said...

write a new blog already!!!