December 8, 2007

Lesson Learned

I'm going to be a teacher and have had some field experience, so I never assumed taking care of kids was easy. But even with experience, I was not prepared to's a lot of work! I miss my adorable nephews so much when I'm away at school. I check Bethany and Erik's blogs daily for funny stories, videos, and pictures of the boys just to hear about them to make me feel like I'm home. So naturally, when I was home this week, I wanted to spend some time with them. I told Bethany I'd take the boys Friday so i could spend time with them. Well I was without a car, and therefore trapped! While I was able to make Parker my ally ( i have no clue how to spell that), Kent is another story. The moment I turned my back I could hear his pudgy little feet running somewhere in the house and was able to track him down by his screams of joy when he was doing things he of course, wasn't supposed to. It was so hard to get mad at either of them for more than a minute because they are just so darn cute! For example: While the boys were playing bowling in the hallway, i took the opportunity to go to the bathroom. I left the door open so I could keep my eye on the mischievous duo. Parker came and slammed the bathroom door shut. I asked him why and he said, "D'tuz , Auntie J. Girls need 'deir privacy."
Later Sharon and I took the boys to McDonald's and to Target. Between the two of us we spent our dinner wiping the ketchup from Kent's face and I had to follow Parker through the playland, which I hadn't last visited since I was 5. In Target we devised a plan to take 2 carts, one kid each. Although I thought it would work, it lasted only until we passed the toy aisle. Quickly thinking, Auntie Shar-Shar got some goldfish crackers, which kept Kent busy in the store.
All-in-all, i had a busy, tiring, eye-opening and yet memorable time with my nephews. I just realized that parenting takes a team...ha. Sharon and I quickly learned that. It's funny how nothing these boys could do, could make me love them any less. THEY ARE TOO CUTE!

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Bethany Patrice said...

they boys were exhausted when they came you must have kept them busy! Can you imagine having them both at home, and having to work at home too? I am a super hero!