May 15, 2008

Here Come the Bridesmaids...

I picked up my bridesmaids' dresses today. They are absolutely gorgeous! I was nervous that I had made the decision based on time left, but I am so very pleased! My girls are going to look amazing! They may steal away from me!

The weird thing is that as I drove home from the bridal store, bridesmaid dresses in tow, I started to cry. It was the first time I got to see the dresses in person and so I began to think about each girl in the dresses, and pictured the day. My dress is absolutely stunning and so special. So many wedding planners and once-brides, say that the minute they tried on their wedding gown they cried or IT HIT THEM. Although i have already bought my dress and done the flowers and bulk of the planning, it was today that it REALLY hit me. I rushed into to JP's house to show him the dress, fell in his arms and cried. I feel so blessed and know that our day is going to be beautiful, and everything I matter what. And most importantly, the man waiting at the end of the aisle is the man I love and get to wake up to every morning (morning breath or not).

For those of you who are married or in the process, When did it truly hit you?


Bethany Patrice said...

it hit me on our rehearsal. then when i said goodbye after the dinner, i couldn't believe that the next day erik was going to be my husband.

then, when dad and I were in the brides room alone, he and i didn't even say a word. our lack of words spoke volumes.

he just kept asking me,"are you ready? are you ready?"

another weird "hit me" moment was on the plane to our honeymoon. then, when we checked into our condo at the resort, we felt like we were sinners! we couldn't believe just the day before we weren't living together, and then, all of the sudden it was okay.

sharonie said...

when we checked into the hotel on our honeymoon night. It was "all" legal then...I was actually checking into a hotel with a man let alone the one I married. It was the wierdest feeling but it was memorable too!