May 13, 2008

To infinity and beyond

I read this question in my devotions last night and the thought has really challenged me....

"Do you have the capacity to be faithful without having to see the results?"

Have to admit, that was a thinker.

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sharonie said...

it's just like that verse: faith is the the evidence of things unseen and hoped for! I still have trouble with times I have the most faith to see something happen and then there are other times I really have to pray to have faith as small as a mustard seed. But if we do have faith of a mustard seed....hmmm what power we do have in that....I just heard a sermon on TV about that the other day....a great reminder and something to strive for. Hmmm is this related to you getting a job, finding somewhere to live, being able to pay off college loans.....exc. Life is hard as an adult, but so fun at the sametime! You will love being married and on your own....truly you will....I know you know that too!