May 2, 2008

Daaa, da, da, da, daaa, da

After waiting for this day for four long years, graduation is upon me.
Yesterday we had Baccalaureate and I finally received my cords for Magna Cum Laude. It wasn't until I received those cords that the overachiever in me began to say, "I could have earned Suma Cum Laude." For me, there is never enough. There's always more world to conquer, someone to beat, impress, or parallel. That's how I stay motivated.
I'm so excited my parents and future mother-in-law are in town. I missed my parents so much. They are so genuinely happy for me and are so proud. Their support financially, spiritually, and emotionally is what brought me to this point....the point where I will walk across the stage and be able to throw my cardboard hat in the air with the rest of the class of 2008. Amber and I enjoyed our last bottle of sparkling grape juice last night. Actually though, it was peach. Either way, we finished the whole bottle in about ten minutes...a transparent reason why we don't drink actual alcohol! Can't wait for graduation. Final pictures with people I may see for the last time and pictures with people who created memories for my college experience. Then tonight we are going to Flame for dinner...YUM!

Just hope I don't fall across the stage as I grasp my diploma!

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