May 11, 2008

Momma Dearest

Breakfast for Mom...made my Richie & I.....that means gourmet!

Mom and her wonderful children and new grandson @ church (minus Bethany and the boys)

Only in the last few years, have I truly come to appreciate my mother. I know this gratitude will be more greatly reflected once I am a mother myself...some day...9not so soon)! And rapidly, within my college years, I have come to call my mother my friend as well. Besides the fact that I am her mini-me, having graduating from Rosie's Law School and majored in argumentation and stubbornness, I value my mother's qualities and strengths. She is a woman of God whom I hope to emulate in all I do. As a soon-to-be wife, I desire to be as supportive and hardworking as she is to my father, even after 25 years.

My Rosie is a model teacher. I used to mock her songs such as, "The Quiet Song," her own biological children call it. Now I find myself repeating it to my own students. She is superwoman and has been to me a friend, supporter, cook, maid, chauffeur, and now, a wedding planner. I love my mother to the depths and the heights and treasure our relationship and her example and dedication to her children, husband, and family.


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