June 18, 2008

Give & Take

I had lunch with a friend today. We go way back....to middle school. We have managed to stay in touch, meeting for lunch, coffee or a gossip fest, once in a while. She's that person who is always smiling, always willing, full of life, genuine, empathetic, and full of wisdom. I always seem to talk and talk and talk about me and my life to her, because I know she'll listen and she is an excellent giver of advice. Today she came into the restaurant with tears in her eyes. I could tell her heart was so heavy. Without wearing her emotions on her face, I realized that it was my turn to give back. Kind of like my own episode of "janna gives back." It was about time.
She was going through a lot with a past relationship and work and friends. I knew my advice and wisdom couldn't be expressed as she usually could do it, but I felt that listening showed her my care for her situation.

I feel like sometimes the ones who give the most are surprisingly those who are forgotten about when they are in need. We assume they will pick themselves up because they normally have it all together. Well note to self: we are all human, all need the strength from Christ, and an extended hand from a friend.

I know you are reading this, my little Carrie Bradshaw, and know that although you are a strong tower, there are loved ones around you to hold you up.

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