June 25, 2008

Moving Mountains

Last night as I was reluctantly reading my devotions I came across this excerpt:
Jesus told us to have faith in him, and mountains will be removed (Matthew 17:20). Maybe you are facing a personal mountain that blocks you from enjoying the blessings God would give you. There is not a mountain God cannot make into a road. He who made the mountains can demolish them. It may take time- God knows that. But he says: "Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin," (Zech. 4:10). Keep walking step by step and let God take care of the mountains.

If this isn't what I needed to hear, then I must be deaf. I am so skeptical of God's plan just because it isn't huge, allowing JP and I to start our new life in a new apartment like I had planned. Presently, I cannot see over the mountain. I cannot see a job in sight, a means of supporting JP and I, a means to financially afford anything we've dreampt of. But if I'm willing to start where God has planned for us, then I'll let Him take care of moving the obstacles and clearing a path. It's still a new beginning, no matter where we end up. God has moved so many mountains already and although small, this beginning can still be great!


Stalena said...

Thank you. I needed that at this very moment.


Janna Banana said...

i'm so glad you could be encouraged! You always offered that to me during student teaching! You are in my prayers!