June 20, 2008

Here comes the Bride......

JP and I are offically getting married...officially according to state laws. We got our marriage license today. I think it is so wierd that they ask you if you are blood related in any way, however, I realize there are some people that I wouldn't put it past them to be able to say "yes." Along these lines is the odd fact that after a certain senior age, you can marry a first cousin. Why is it ok then? Do we assume they can't find anyone else? :) Well all joking aside, I can't wait! The clerk talked me through the changing my last name process. In the car on the way home I told JP that in a little over a month, I wouldn't be an Elton anymore. As much as I am ready to get married, I admit that giving this last name up is hard. I jokingly asked JP if he could change his name instead....you can guess that he wasn't amused by this pun. I love being an Elton. I love my family and am proud to be part of it. I realize it's just a last name but when it's been my identity my whole life, it's hard to let go.

Did anyone else have trouble giving up their last name?

It also seems fitting that the day I got my marriage license its also my sister and her husband's anniversary. Happy anniversary Sharon and Jason! They have overcome a lot and have truly fulfilled a marriage covenant of working through it and keeping marriage a sacred and forever vow!


Joan said...

Janna, I am very excited for you the days until the wedding will fly and you will wonder what all happened once its all over.

I have to respond regarding the "certain senior age" The reason they can marry after a certain senior age is because they can't have kids! The whole reason behind not marrying your relatives is because of the genetic problems that arise when two people closely related genetically have children.

Bethany Patrice said...

I had trouble giving up my last name. My initials became BS.