June 24, 2008

Searching High and Low

JP and I are going to look at our first apartment today. We can't afford much of anything with the jobs we have right now, but we are hoping that something will work. People keep saying, "God is going to do something. You'll find a job. He has something for you."

My question is, "What if this is what he has for us?
Am I ok with that?

To start a new life together, on our own, as a new family, I feel we need to take this step and find an apartment, but we can't seem to find one in our price range. Why was I birthed in the expensive Chicagoland area? My friend told me last night she found a brand new apartment by her, in Nebraska. 3 bedrooms- $350. That would be nice! I have to believe that God will provide the right apartment at what our budget can afford. But that's just it....I keep telling myself, I HAVE TO believe. I need to make it an "I do believe." As I was reading my devotions last night I came across this sentence:

Home is where God's will is.

It's getting hard because some of our closest loved ones doubt our decision to even get married at this time. Am I looking for an apartment just to prove them wrong? How do thousands of people make it everyday on limited incomes?


sharonie said...

Janna, God has been faithful in my marriage and has come through so many times. I know and trust he will do the same for you and JP! You need to stay as "one" and keep Christ first always pray together and read the Bible together...I love this verse: In him all things hold together. This is the start of an adventerous life and what marriage is all about. You two can make it and will do well...people doubted me adn Jason staying together and that was some of our close loved ones too. Jason and I did what we knew what was right for US and our marriage. I love you dearly and can't wait for your wedding!

Bethany Patrice said...

J-nebraska's apartments may be cheaper, but so are their paychecks!

You and JP will grow closer together because of this, and you'll have fond memories as well. Also, starting at the bottom means you can only go up. Once you are financially "established", you'll appreciate what you have because you know what it is like to have nothing. When I get worried about money, Dad always tells me, "Your family loves you too much to let you be homeless and starve." :)

Whenever you find something, me and Sharon will come and clean it, and I will help you decorate on a budget. :)

love you.