August 26, 2008

Hopping on the bandwagon

It seems that my sisters have made interesting blog topics of the day, "FEARS and PET PEEVES." I naturally decided to hop on the hot topic. fears. Seeing as I'm a worry wart, this list could get lengthy. So i'll list some abnormal fears and constant fears I have.

-I fear people missing limbs ( not necessarily the people, but the thought of where the limbs go when they are removed)

- I fear sleeping through my alarm and being late for school

- I fear the stove malfunctioning and the house blowing up

- I fear a power outage while I'm in the shower

-I fear the dark

-I fear choking while trying to swallow a pill

-I fear having to dry swallow a pill

-I fear needles...

-I fear failure

-I fear losing the love of my life or one of my family members

-I fear forgetting to put on a bra (been there, done that....unfortunately)

- Slow drivers
-Drivers on my tail when I'm already going 7 over the speed limit
-People who walk slow in malls, sidewalks, or airports...step aside!
-People who seem to take days to complete a simple task
-People who don't stop talking
-People who don't stop talking and have nothing good to say
-The toilet seat left up (a recent discovery in my list)
- Asking questions that no one responds to
-Those who can't multi-task
-When grocers rush you through their line
-When customers behind you rush you to gather your purchases
-Feeling good about a workout and then seeing a model jump on the treadmill next to me
-When someone brings in my favorite dessert on a DIET DAY gone good so far


sharonie said...

that is funny about the driver on your tail when you are going 7 over the limit!

Bobbi said...

Your fears about swallowing pills made me laugh because my husband makes fun of me for the same things!