August 19, 2008

Not Much

I don't have much to say...
Not much to say at all...
So I'll end this with a simple "hello..."
And "I'll see ya later ya'll."

My sisters and I love to create nonsense rhymes and raps. Just a tribute to my silly siblings.

And a shout out to my Bridgie. A devout reader of my random bloggings. I know you are reading this. I love you!


Ben & Bobbi said...

Hi Janna! My name is Bobbi Galloway and my cousin, Judith Perdue, is friends with your sister Sharon. (I've met Sharon when I was visiting Judith in Chicago.) Sometimes I look at other blogs she has listed and I'll look at yours and both your sisters. You seem like such a sweet family! I thought I would finally leave a comment since I kind of feel like a stalker...haha! Your wedding looked amazing and I'm glad you are enjoying married life. Anyway, I just thought I would introduce myself a little...and if you want to check out my blog to put a face with a name it's -

Bethany Patrice said...

you are a dork
don't eat pork
if you do, use a fork
give your address to the stork

you are a nerd
you don't smell like a turd
we used to have a bird
and then we starved him.

the end.

sharonie said...

no kidding, I just wrote Jason a poem and put it on his plate at dinner time on Monday night! that's too funny!

Here is a diddy for you

You are just married
over the thresh hold you were carried

you are a newlywed and now you sleep with someone in your bed

i have to end this diddy
but have one question when will you start to have a kiddy?