August 1, 2008

I'm a married woman!!!!

Ha ha....this is all Parker did. he wouldn't leave the dance floor!

Our beautiful, and yummy cake! (I didn't get more than a bite though)

Sealing the deal!


Our gorgeous invitations!

My breathtaking bridesmaids (I know my sisters will comment on that one)

The amazing decor at the hall

I DO....

First dance with my husband

Some of my girlfriends...they are amazing

Doing what I love party!

Tell me you love me.........

My husband (that still so wierd!) and I just got back from our honeymoon. Without spending too much time at the present moment to reflect on the week's events all I can say is wow! The wedding day was a flawless blur. What I mean by this is it was absolutely perfect, beautiful...a dream...and yet seems like no more than a snapshot in the timeline. It flew by! I'll post more about it soon. The honeymoon was paradise! Although I aquired a bit of a stomach problem that locked JP and I up in our room for a day, it was still bliss. It quickly gave me a glimpse of what this man will be like in our future together. Because of the fever I couldn't do a thing. He had to undress me (which, I'm sure he enjoyed), and drew up a bubble bath for me, ordered toast from room service, found my favorite shows on tv (Friends), and gave me a relaxing foot rub. He brought me to the Dr. and shelled out $120 for a simple check up at 6 am and then ran to the pharmacy and walked back, just to bring his wife some relief. He is my superman and he never complained once. I can't wait to spend my life and time with him...which I should be doing now. Here are a few pictures. Be sure there are more to come!


Joan said...

The wedding was beautiful,you and yours sisters were beautiful and Erik did a great job (and Parker as well) Thanks for the blessing to be able to see the two of you finally, after all this time, get married. I'm just sorry Kent wasn't feeling well and couldn't spend more time at the reception. Glad you are back and that the stomache thing didn't last long :0

5sny said...

Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, time flew by...I'm sure more so for you. I am so excited for you two. I have to say I wish you were here in Springfield, but I'll have to do with the contact of email and your fantastic blog. You were beautiful! I love the photos. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!