August 17, 2008

Que Sera, Sera

JP and I are adjusting to married life. We are learning how to share one sink (which was a change from the two we were spoiled with on our honeymooon), one toilet, one bed, and budget. All more adjustments for me than him. I can't help that I like to sprawl across the bed, unfortunately grind my teeth, and am not an accountant. We are having so much fun together. It's like a slumber party every night! We have a routine going. I'm usually done making dinner when he gets home. We eat together, and then he helps do the dishes so I can go shower or relax. It's nice to know he'll share the load. No matter how long it may actually's nice.

Today we went with my parents to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. INTERESTING. There were elephant rides, court jesters, jousts, swordsmen, jugglers, massive chicken drumsticks, and more. What I found the most interesting were the people who were not part of the faire, but blended right in with its paid employees. I'm talking about those who came dressed in their pirate gear, girls who believed a gypsy can wear half a shirt no matter their size, men in TIGHT TIGHTS, and families who dragged their unconsenting children to the faire in medieval garb. I found these people more of attractions than some of those at the faire. The sad thing is that many of these people live for this fair. Although there were a minority at the festivities, they seemed to live within the fairytales as if it were their Christmas. All in all.............worth the trip.

In lieu of the Olympics and the activities surrounding the swimming finals, I stumbled across this video with some friends. Although much of it, including the commentators is a spoof, it is hysterical!!

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