August 23, 2008

Stick or Stuck?

After reading this entry, you'll probably conclude that the title has no bearings or relevance to the topic of choice. I just thought it sounded cute. And isn't that what a title should often be? a topic sentence?............something to grab the reader's attention.......?
Well I've got your attention now I hope. I do however, hope that you don't end this reading with disappointment as to its depth.

Basically I'm writing in reflection of a conversation........heated debate rather, that my husband and I had today. We were finishing up last minute touches on my classroom decor. Many objects refused to keep their place on the walls, due to the lack of adhesive material found on the only legal piece of adhesion on the classroom walls: sticky tack. While I fumbled with finding a permanent solution to the problem, JP decided that "DUCK TAPE" would solve my problem........for a while at least. He said it would only have to be replaced at the most twice throughout the year. With all that's on a teacher's plate and within her schedule, this supposed "quick fix" did not sound like the answer to my predicament. My magna cum laude problem solving skills immediately brought me to the answer: Super Glue.

In aisle 4 of Jewel, while buying super glue, our discussion sparked a debate. I realized that it was more than the type of adhesion that made these two opinions so was our sex (i mean male/female). I polled some friends on which they would choose to fix such a problem: super glue or duct tape? It was all females who chose super glue and all males who chose duct tape. Although this wasn't a perfect experiment with all the alignments, the outcome made me think (which I like to overdo on most occasions).

Men, who are often afraid of permanency (not just relationships necessarily) and always need something to fix, use duct tape to patch up the hole. They want something to do, to keep busy with, to grab their attention, to create adventure. Women, who oftenwant to bandage and heal the boo-boo, fix it and move on to the next line of jobs needing multi-tasking, as well as avoid future problems, disorganization, or road blocks, use the tightest bond to avoid leaks and future changes needing to be made. I could write a book, and can't believe I wrote and entire blog on super glue and duct tape..........................

So, although I am no psychologist, and understand this experiment concludes with generalizations and sly assumptions, am curious.........

Super Glue or Duct Tape?

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Joan said...

I think you are on to something. I actually just bought some super glue yesterday. I didn't even think about duct tape. The results would have looked terrible. Like you said I wanted the problem fixed and not just taped over. Yes they would both work but the tape fix just wouldn't be pretty and would have to eventually been re-done.