October 24, 2008


Lately I've been in a state of envy. I haven't necessarily envied what people have, rather that what they have seems to be so perfect, seamless, picturesque. The current state of my friends' relationships with their significant others, their exciting lifestyles, numerous friendhsips, their future plans, their current financial status, or job they hold, often make me jealous of all they have.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing I love more than my current state with my husband, time with my family, and being in my classroom, but no matter where we are, the devil always seems to make us think someone else has it better...that we aren't blessed enough.

Oddly enough, in the last week, I've talked to all of these close friends that I seem to envy in some way or another, only to hear that pieces of their life are crumbling. Some are at odds with future in-laws, others are broke, one is broken from the lack of substance in frienships, and another from the loneliness and helplessness felt in their current occupation. It's as if Christ is trying to open my eyes to not only my blessings, but to the fact that if we allow it, the devil can always create a state of discontent of where we are at. If we allow him to creep in, we will never be satisfied with where we are....always wishing we had a piece of the past back. This is not only the nature of humankind, but also the reason I am thankful for a God that grants peace beyond all understanding.

I've been reading Ecclesiastes this week and in the first chapter I ran across a message that talked about all things being beneath Christ's foot. That he has conquered it all; lonliness, sadness, discontent. I feel I ran across this at the perfect time- to be a ministry to my friends who I seemed to envy. Sadly, in their hard times, I find myself blessed for not only what I have, but for friendships full of trust and compassion in all circumstances.

God is good, God is big....God has conquered it all!

I thank God for my wonderful, unconditionally loving, wonderfully weird family; my adorable, patient, genuine, loveable husband; and the amazing, God-timing opportunities I have been blessed with over the course of the last year! May I wish to be in no other part of my past or future...rather right here in the present!

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Bobbi said...

I feel the same way at times. A few of my friends and I are getting together and reading a devotional on contentment...I think it will really help to focus on the one and only thing...Jesus...that can make me content:)