October 8, 2008

Near Death by Salami

Today, while preparing dinner for my husband, I quickly began to eat some salami...the good, cut it yourself stuff. I began to choke and thought I could cough it up. I was wrong. I could feel it dangling both in the front and in the back. I ran and tried my best to open the door from the apartment to the upstairs. I had to crawl up the stairs. I began to hit the wall and grunt, hoping my parents would hear me coming. By the time I got up the stairs my parents were asking what was wrong. I was too shaken up to even get my hands up to reveal the "choking sign" but just kept gagging. They both jumped out of their seats. My dad kept whacking me in the back, while my mom attempted the Heimlich. This team effort was not in vain. I finally swallowed what was left and trudged to the sink to spit it out. It was more dramatic than it sounds. While crawling upstairs I remember wondering what would happen if my parents weren't home, or if the maneuver malfunctioned and didn't work. After telling JP the story his response was this: "I could have come home with you dead on the floor!" (This was sincere and caring, I understand, but not what I expected, granted I understand the reaction).

If you know Rosie, I'm sure she ran through her phone tree and already came across your number, either leaving a message or speaking with you, to share the dramatic occurence and her bravery and knowledge on the Heimlich Maneauver. I'm literally reminiscing at the moment, of a similar situation when I was 5 years old, when I choked on a carrot while chasing my brother through the kitchen. When the ambulance arrived, I was so terrified, being so young, that my soothing mother allowed the emergency team to strap my body to hers, together on the stretcher. What a Mom! What parents!

But in all honesty, it's so funny that I knew what to do if I were along (thrust against a surface), but was too shaken up and scared to remember. God's timing is impeccable and his plans are greater. Even small situations like this are reminders of why our present situation may exist (i.e. living with my parentals).

All in all....I've sworn off salami....OBVIOUSLY!


Bethany Patrice said...

i remember when you choked on that carrot! Here is a tip...CHEW.

sharonie said...

that is too funny...and yes mom did call and tell Jason and then told me. too funny! I am so glad they were home to help you!

sharonie said...

yes, mom did call adn talk to Jason and then to me! I am so glad that mom and dad were home...and Rosie sounded very calm!