October 14, 2008

You know You are Obsesesed with the 80s if...

I'm home sick today from school...and so bored. it's the kind of sick where you can't just lay down and relax...which means I'd rather be at work. It's hard to relax knowing someone else has my kindergarteners for the day....will they fit everything in that needs to be done, will they take care of the room....will they go INSANE?!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to comment on the AMAZING 30th birthday party sharon and I threw Bethany. It was an 80s murder mystery, in lieu of her infatuation with the infamous decade. She was so surprised...which was the point...and so difficult to do considering she can be pushy and organized to the "T." She pulled up the "paparazzi" yelling her character's name "Debbie Gribson" and was shocked.

"Wee Pee" Vermon and I

Here are some special moments and costumes (which you will hopefully never see in style again), caught on camera:

Alligator Dundee

Everyone (all the characters) before Bethany arrived

Jessica Bunny, Debbie Gribson, and Fadonna

The premier of "Debbie Gribson's" new album and fragrance: ECLECTIC YOUTH

Bethany (Debbie Gribson) being interviewed before we made her change

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