September 30, 2007

Although I'm about ready to be finished with college, I am thankful for the moments that help me to be thankful for the experience. Last night was girls' night. What started as a date with Cheryl, ended up with 8 girls gossiping in my room about weddings, life, and such. Then I waxed Amber's lip for the first time....which freaked her out! It was just plain old fun to be crazy with girls I never get to see. It reminds me that each of them are so sweet and I am thankful to have them as a part of the floor. When I don't feel that I have time with certain girls, God paves a way for us to connect. I love girl time.
During my girl time, JP was out with the guys watching UFC Fight Night. I love that we can spend time with our own friends without feeling abandoned or upset. We've come to that place of total understanding....and needing time with other people. ALthough i do love sharing my floor with 40 other girls, who walk around looking for a shirt to wear on their dates, I can't wait to finally live with one person, to live with a boy, to live with JP!!!!

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