September 9, 2007

Shoe Cents

I can't remember the last time that I purchased any pair of shoes that wasn't a Target product. Today, I broke down, pried open the piggy bank, and went to the mall for a "real" pair of running shoes. I blamed my crackling knees and burning back on my dire dedication to running....that puzzle piece didn't seem to fit. It was today I realized that it was about time to walk away from Wal-Mart's aisle 4 and to invest in an over-priced pair of kicks.
I brought my shoe connoisseur, JP, with me to the mall. JP was ecstatic that I had reasoned to buy an authentic set of athletic shoes. The moment we deliberately strolled into the store I walked straight towards the "Clearance" section while my other half began to pick out the most dynamic women's shoes. It didn't matter that I had chosen to break the bank for these shoes, for I have been conditioned to look for the best deals, despite the product. It took several moments for JP to pry me away from the "SALE" wall. As he picked out shoes that would fit my running habits, I browsed for the most fashionable. It was here I realized yet another difference between men and women. My fiance, the ultimate bargain shopper, views shopping excursions such as these, as moments destined to spend more than a dime on, while I on the other hand take several doubting and guilty money-spending moments to decide that if I must empty the wallet, the product must match both wardrobe and personality!
Needless to say, I left the store with the cheapest pair of quality kicks that my money could afford me and that my feet gladly accepted. However, it will probably take me a week to introduce them to the track....I'm not sure if I feel justified to keep them.


howard1350 said...

The shoes might be more in the end, but if it saves your aching knees it was well worth it my love. Oh yeah and don't worry about the aching feet or knees if they are hurtingat the end of the day you know there will always be a massage waiting for you.

sharonie said...

ummmm so I heard you need a new pair of shoes every 300 miles you that true?