September 16, 2007

Busy Busy Bee

This weekend was busy, busy, busy...but a good busy nonetheless! Friday night I had sushi for the first time! I don't normally eat anything from under the sea, but my friends told me I need to at least try it. So i got veggie rolls and then tried some nasty crab thing....they were wrong! I hated it! It was an experience though and I was really glad to share it with my friends. I love them! They cheered me on when I tried it...hilarious! I couldn't help laugh even though the food in my mouth tasted like seaweed. Then we went mini-golfing and until that night I had never thought one game of mini-golf could take over 2 hours but with a group of 8, and a group like ours, it was so much fun! Then Saturday we drove up to Table Rock Lake were a friend of ours has a log cabin. Despite the 50 degree weather and the rain, we made the best of it and spent 2 hours in the 80 degree water. I cherish the fact that the times when things could be just plain fun, our friends seem to create moments to remember! I never have to worry that my friends are using alcohol or messing around to have fun. They always find everyday ways to help us to have fun and entertain us. I wouldn't trade these relationships for the world! Friends are what make college worth while!

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sharonie said...

and to think, this whole college experience will be over in 8 months!