September 19, 2007

Ready, break!

The infamous Powder Puff season has officially begun at Evangel. Girls are stretching out their unused legs, running sprints from the sidelines, and tightening up the dirty shoelaces on their cleats. Powder Puff is not just an activity here at Evangel, but an all out sport....minus the scholarships and traveling. As an RA, Powder Puff isn't my favorite pastime. I loved the idea of intramurals when I came to school. I thought that for the first time, I was going to be able to step on a field without the fear of being taken out of the game for a bad play or having to run sprints for every error made in the game. Although it's not necessarily life or death, this game is intense. I am always curious as to how it came to be this competitive. Then I look around and realize why.....competition can bring out the true fighter in a girl. Whether it's for a spritz of hairspray, a wool sweater, a boy, or bragging rights, girls are relentless. We like to walk with pride, confidence, and the winning bruises. I have to remember that once I am on the field I live for the adrenaline and the opportunity to put away my lady-like tendencies. The bonding that takes place on a grass field is like none other. The girl that is usually passive, prim and proper, and has an anxiety attack if she forgets to apply her mascara, is now the teammate running beside you, knocking down anything and everything in her path, gettin' "dirt in the skirt," and ignoring the broken nails that are a result of the battle. Everyone has aggression and everyone has something to play for...whether its heart, for fun, for exercise, or for commradery, there's place for everyone on the field. See you at the game!

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sharonie said...

I will never forget powder puff at EU and being slammed on the ground by a huge volleyball girl! Oh my goodness! Ouch! What awesome memories you will have and have had. Have JP take pics for us and put them on here.