September 26, 2007


A friend once told me that no annoyance is a small annoyance when you're in a relationship. This is so true. A friend of mine was upset over something she felt would seem so small and trival to her significant other. I reminded her that in a relationship, even though the other may not understand the reasons for feelings being hurt, what should matter is that your feelings are hurt. It should hurt the other to see you hurt. As these words habitually rolled off the tip of my tongue, they began to burn; I needed to hear them just as much. When JP and I don't communicate, the small things either become big things, or they appear more often. We have come to a place where I'm all too honest when I'm upset. I find that I'm so comfortable with showing that I'm annoyed or in a bad mood, or bothered, because I know he will stand by me in the end. Is this fair? Although he cares when my feelings are hurt, is there a middle ground between patience and hurt?
I think the answer to my own question is that you can't always avoid being hurt. One can't ignore how you feel. It's what you do with the inconveniences, that matters. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I am hurt about circumstances or from a bad day, JP will comfort and ease the craziness. If I am simply annoyed by the sometimes nagging actions of my handsome knight, I have to be patient. The fruit of the spirit know as patience is the hardest for me to define and to exhibit. Communication could solve it all. If I am so comfortable with being honest, I can step back, look at JP and say how I feel, as well as admit that I'm working on being patient. Although neither of us are perfect, communication can open the door up for us to be accountable to one another in our weaknesses; mine being patience, and can help JP to know when my clock is ticking towards blast off!

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Bethany Patrice said...

get him a calendar and mark off your "pms" days..this will help him not to annoy you as much.