September 25, 2007

Time, time, time

There doesn't seem to be enough time in a day. I'm having one of those weeks that is filled with responsibilities and priorities; one of those weeks that you wish would get over with quickly! I have powder puff games & practices, RA meetings, devos, floor council, duty night during open hall (which is a long 7pm- 1am), a floor event, and this all aside from the daily grind of homework, practicums, classes, and work study. There doesn't seem to be time to run errands, to spend with friends even for a quick cup of coffee, or to have quality and desperately needed time with JP. We haven't had time for each other in a long time. Although I know that this oft happens in life and relationships, I feel like there needs to be a break in time somewhere for us to spend running to the store or grabbing coffee. We started reading a book together a month ago and have yet found time to discuss the first two chapters. When does it end? I realize during crazy times like this however, that this is the beauty of a loving and committed relationship, that my future spouse understands, supports, and stands by me no matter the amount of time that is filled with my millions of responsibilities. Sometimes I feel I am neglecting him and our relationship, but i know that I cannot avoid my vital responsibilities and things on my "to do" list. I am thankful for this man that calms and winds me down when I seem to be going 100 miles and hour, that finds any way to help me, whether its completing my "to do" list with me, or waiting on the sidelines for a chance to jump in when I can finally call a "time out" to relax. I miss my fiance.

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