September 6, 2007

In Sickness...and in health

Being engaged hasn't been the thin slice of heaven that Hollywood depicts it as. There seems to be 20 hours in a day rather than 24. The tension between my all-too-similar mother and I has only grown at times and the realization that money really does create limitations has never resounded louder. There are those ideal moments however that help me to understand why love is worth it all. This morning as I sat in educational psychology, my knight sitting sniffling next to me, I fell in love with romance all over again. As he sniffled and snuffed and I watched his nose run from a competing sinus infection, my heart couldn't help but melt. To many people, the sight of a Ny-quil knocked-up man rubbing his nose, isn't enchanting. Although I can't say this occassion had my mind wandering on the clouds with resonating violins in the background, it did give me this sense of comfort. I imagine rainy mornings like today, when going to work is inevitable and difficult, waking up next to this seemingly-average human and feeling more than content to stare at his droopy eyes and to feel the corners of my mouth curl up in joy and empathy. This whole picture paints the true image of is a choice. Love is not necessarily always having those butterflies or looking your best but knowing that at the beginnning and end of the day, at their best and their worst, the other half of you is what you want...not just need. The sinus-congested male in the seat next to me is all that I want at the end of the day, to love, to care for, to nurse back to health, to laugh with and at, and to be mine..."In sickness and in health," is more than a phrase but a choice and an ultimate privilege. I can't wait to be with this man!


Bethany Patrice said...

I am so happy you are a booger...I mean a blogger! Wait until JP starts to loose his hair and his teeth..that will be the true test of love!

sharonie said...

okay, you have only started to see JP at not even close to his worst. Wait untill he wears boxers and block socks around the house! Hmmmm I know someone like that in our family already.