September 13, 2007

Passion Aflame

Spiritual emphasis week at Evangel was more powerful this semester than any I've been a part of. It was so refreshing to watch God move so strongly. By the end of the night we as a student body were jumping and dancing and enjoying being in the Lord's house together. We "danced like David danced!" Something that our speaker, Herbert Cooper continually said was that it is easy for an ignited flame to burn out when its just a momentary emotional high and not a passion. He encouraged us to spend time at the altar calling on God to create or further burn a passion in our lives that would be evident and strong even when there is no Spiritual Emphasis week on campus. I know that at the moment God has birthed a passion in me for my girls on my floor. As an RA I weep for them, I petition God for them, and I rejoice with them. I sometimes wonder how I came to be so passionate and in love with each and every personality and individual on this floor. I realize that God gave me this passion and to be there to help carry their burdens. I wouldn't trade a moment of it!!! Tonight however, it really hit me that I will be walking off this campus for good in less than a year and I will leave these girls behind. What passion will the Lord burn in me next? I wanted him to begin to burn it in my heart tonight and because He is faithful when we ask...HE DID! I know that I enjoy being in front of the classroom and being with children but tonight I prayed that I would burn for them...that through me they would see Christ. I pray they would know that they are special, fearfully and wonderfully made, each designed with a purpose and a plan. I pray that in the schools like those low-income schools here in Springfield, that the children who come to school with bruises, with tattered clothes, from broken homes, and dropped off daily by their mother's begrudging boyfriend- that they would know they are loved and they are precious. I know that this task will require patience, favor, and wisdom...and unconditional love. I pray for exactly that. Faith like a child's is worth more than gold and if these children can see Christ through me, not only will they realize the beauty and value of their life but also, may their pure faith be contagious to those around them. LORD I WANNA BURN!!!! I realized that we as an American society, and a community of believers don't ask God enough...."What's my passion?"

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sharonie said...

Janna, I pray that prayer now, that I can see my students the way Christ does. You need that prayer cause sometimes they drive you crazy, but praying that prayer refocuses you and gives you a new love for the kids.